Google Cloud Storage Source • Setup

This source connects to an existing bucket on Google Cloud Storage. OMGIMG will use the supplied credentials to connect to your bucket so that your images don't have to be public.

To do so, you will need to set up your GCS bucket to accept AWS compatible credentials - this is done via the Interoperability API in the Google Console.

  1. Visit your Google Console in the browser and go to the Settings of your Cloud Storage. You can visit the link below to reach the Interoperability Settings on Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Interoperability Settings

  1. Choose the project you want OMGIMG to connect to

  2. Under Access keys for service accounts, open the dropdown for the service account associated with these keys, and click the Create a Key button to create the credentials you can use on OMGIMG

  3. On OMGIMG, create a GCS source, and apply the generated keys to the GCS Source Configuration.

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