Amazon S3 Source • Setup

This source connects to an existing bucket on Amazon S3. OMGIMG will use the supplied credentials to connect to your bucket so that your images don't have to be public.

You don't have to supply credentials, but we strongly suggest you set up an IAM account specifically for OMGIMG with read-only access.

  1. Visit your AWS IAM page.


  1. Click the Add User button, and give a username such as OMGIMG.

  2. Under Access type, select Programmatic Access, and hit Next

  3. On the Set Permissions step, click on the Attach existing policies directly box.

  4. Search for AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess, and select it.

  5. Carry on with the wizard buttons (don't worry about tags), review it, and finally add the user.

  6. User the generated credentials to set up your Amazon S3 Source on OMGIMG.

OMGIMG essentially needs 3 permissions - if you want to set up more granular permission for your user:

  • ListBucket
  • GetBucketLocation
  • GetObject
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