Crop Mode • crop

Controls how the output image is cropped to fit inside its target dimensions. Both the w and h parameters need to be provided.

The default behavior is to crop from the center of the image.

Values: center, top, right,top, right, right,bottom, bottom, left,bottom, left, left,top, entropy, attention

Default: center

Directional Croppping

The directional cropping values such as top, right, left, bottom allow you to specify where the crop begins. So if you choose top for example the crop will start at the top and move down.

Experimental Strategy-Based Approach

These values resize so one dimension is at its target length then repeatedly ranks edge regions, discarding the edge with the lowest score based on the selected strategy.

  • entropy: focus on the region where the image feels the busiest using Shannon entropy
  • attention: focus on the region with the highest luminance frequency, colour saturation and presence of skin tones.






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